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Originally posted by Akira
[B]All C64s have a cardboard shielding inside, instead of a metal one.
Not all
There are some rather rare C64-C models that have a metal shielding inside. I have one of these but never opened it because it is still sealed. According to some people this model also has a very rare board revision in them


The CPU is different too. An 8502 goes in place of the 6502. This brings a few incompatibilities.
Hmm, I have never noticed any incompatibilities. What is it what will not work on the C64-C or G ?
I have one very strange C64-G that has the old, breadbox board in it. I am sure it has been bought like this from the shop, because it is the C64-G from a close friend of mine, and I know he never ever changed anything on it.
The very strange thing on this one is that 2 or 3 games don't work or crash on this machine while they work perfect on other machines. I never found out why.

Besides the processor also the 6526 CIAs in the C64s where slightly changed during the year 1987, and so some newer C64 might have very rare troubles with programs because of this, although I never found anything that wouldn't work.
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