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Originally Posted by Photon View Post
That's way too suspicious of you. No, that's not what I meant all and, and I hate such games.
Fair enough..
I've seen some people who have taken offense to some of his statements really rip on him, regardless of the topic..

Yes, the questions did wander, but it didn't bother me..
You had said "replies have to be impressive to impress," which sounds obvious, but I disagree...
Or I should say, I think that's a limiting..
Replies don't have to be impressive.. At least not for me..
They just have to be interesting/entertaining...
Impressive is a nice side benefit..

His perspective and experience makes those replies interesting to me.

Now, I'm not going to rush back to work and yell, "Wait, our whole client/server vs web methodology needs be changed because Dave said.."

But it's a different perspective that is worth hearing and is interesting to me..

Maybe it's because trying to "predict" future tech is part of what they pay me for (crazy, huh?) and I find many perspectives interesting..

And some impressive..


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