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Re: An outsiders look at WinUAE

Originally posted by Bobbin
I don't know how you feel about it, but sometimes it seems like some people are thinking WinUAE is just developed for the last of the amiga freaks nowadays. There isn't that much of a buzz surrounding a new release of WinUAE, so it's easy to believe that there less and less people interested in still playing those old-farted games on a PC.
Now now...
"old-farted" is not a nice word, because it reminds me of "fart".
Say "old-fashioned" if you insist, but I suggest you refrain from using the above word, if you please. It's far from being objective.

I don't think there are so few of them! A lot of them do use the emulator, but never post on forums! I think RCK is the first to tell you from the statistics HOW MANY people are visiting the EAB every day but never post anything! And because they aren't in need for ROMZ .. eh ADFs, they don't register because they don't need to access the zone!
They just want to read, because some of them are only interested in current gossip, scene news .. and the like.

And as a side-note: as soon as (Win)UAE 1.0 is out, there will be a HUGE interest for this emulator, because some people refuse to install ANY software on their PC that's still being in beta or development state! (You betcha!)
And (Win)UAE IS still in development state, this is a fact!
Hope this makes things a bit clear at least.
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