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The Netsurf has the following features:


Web standards: HTML 4.01 and CSS 2.1
Image formats: PNG, GIF, JPEG, SVG, JNG, MNG and BMP
HTTPS for secure online transactions
Unicode text
Web page thumbnailing
Local history trees
Global history
Hotlist manager (bookmarks)
Cookie manager
URL completion
Text selection
Scale view
Search-as-you-type text search highlighting
Save pages complete with images
Fast, lightweight layout and rendering engine

The OS4 version has the following features:

* ReAction-based GUI
* ARexx port
* Full drag'n'drop throughout (loading, saving, uploading, drag text selections to text input boxes, history entries to browser windows, etc)
* Load images through DataTypes (also partial support for embedded audio)
* Native clipboard support for text and images, can also save objects as IFF
* PDF output and printing (currently disabled - will return when core fixed, have requested that to be on the list for this year)

There is no point to compare it to any other 68k amiga's web browser, it is much better.

About current SDL frontend:

The SDL version is the "framebuffer" frontend. It has been repeatedly said by the core developers that this frontend is for debugging and example purposes only and is not intended to be a feature-complete frontend.

It is only possible semi modern web browser for 68k amigas:

From a modern monster PC to a humble 30MHz ARM 6 computer with 16MB of RAM, the web browser will keep you surfing the web whatever your system.
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