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Originally Posted by lifeschool View Post
why are computers slow
Computers are insanely fast, software is slow because of many accumulated layers both in the apps, the apis and the OS, and the choice of tools, over 3 decades. The professional programmer will defend the layers and tools with miscellaneous reasons: working in teams, project budgets, established (and forced by market share 'moves') standards. When in fact it's his boss talking.

Another defense is that software is good because it works with so much (interfaces, peripherals), but this is just a natural process of makers of interfaces and peripherals flocking to established standards.

Right now we have viral internet and free-thinking individuals, but the above facts are now so entrenched they are hard to budge, by a new OS, programming language, standard, or whatever you please to choose. Decades ago, we had only snailmail and computer newbies or in the best case computer mediocrities in suits countering the pre-emptive moves of startup corporations. Else there might have been no Windows, Mac, or Linux at all but something really nice where layers had been kept strict and few.

But Mr. Perfect Programmer must also be prepared to tackle the assault of all the 10000 needs to be satisfied per year. This is the best we got out of that, we could certainly have done better without corporations breaking international law, but let's reconcile ourselves with the fact that the shit is working most of the time, and lets us get on Facebook. Right?

Not that any of the stuff I do is slow on any of the computers I have, I don't know what you're using ... I could almost have agreed with that in 2002.

Let me know when you want an interview. I won't share my thoughts on nanotech, because I know my limitations.
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