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Banana in disk drive eror
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Well now that my 1200 and all my bits have arrived, I spent all yesterday stripping it down and giving it a warm soapy bath,(it was in a horrible grimey state) It's cleaned up better than i thought it would. (The case is immaculate as is the external floppy drive after a wash) there's just a few keys and the PSU that need the peroxide treatment when i get the time but for now i'm re-living my childhood.
Gonna buy a ACA 1230 @ 42Mhz - 64mb Ram in a couple of weeks so that i can make use of my WHDLoad license and KG's Packs.

Anyway here is my humble retro corner (please excuse the poor photo quality- HTC have alot to learn about camera's)

PS: Considering it came with an external floppy drive and 200+ floppys, Not bad for 32 eh?

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