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Originally Posted by lifeschool View Post

...So by the 2000s... it was basically all about case design. The PC was done. Sure, new OSs, new chips, etc. But the same kind of things, just faster. No major breakthroughs in computing....
I was asked once ina job interview, about 10 years ago, something along the lines of "what or where do I see technology going over the next few years?" I said basically the same thing; not many innovations to come, and just revisions and speed increases. The interviewer looked at me as if I had suggested burning the office down. I didn't get the job.

This has been a great read, and I have to agree on pretty much everything. It is amusing to see new CPUs comming out with a fraction of the power of the top end ones that can do everything that you need. I wonder where else technology can be stripped back to functional norms instead of making things more and more complicated. Whatever happened to RISC?

Great read
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