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i am a prowd owner of a commodore Amiga 1200 with 32 mb ram and phase 5 Blizzard mkIV 68030@50mhz with co proccessor! It also has an internal 6gb hard disc and a 2 gb cf card. My amiga is also equipped with Micromys V3 PS/2 Mouse Adapter and of course a laser mouse! It always works with my old rear projection 48' TV via scart! I also have 2 external drives and more than 1000 diskettes! I forgot to mention that i also have 3 of the best joysticks there is:Anerousis starfighter 2000, tomahawk and pacman!
(My collection also has a sinclair spectrum 48k, a sinclair spectrum +3, a commodore 64 and an Amstrad cpc 6128)
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