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Originally Posted by pintcat View Post
The latest 1.3.1 runs slower than 1.2.x. Even native Amiga games like Secret of Monkey Island are considerably slower. Plus ScummVM hangs/freezes very often now.
Also, I didn't manage to enable speech & sfx. Music runs fine, though.
And yes, I found the boing ball splash after enabling aspect ratio correction. Actually I like the 320x240 resolution, because it uses the whole screen, but I really don't like scaling during the game.

That's strange, other 060 users have said that 1.3.1 is more stable than 1.2.x

Try running version 1.2.x in VGA mode and then compare again

Also, not why couldn't you get speech & sfx's working fine for me? Sounds like there is something wrong with your setup or maybe data files.

I've also been using 1.3.1 on my own 030 1200 and it runs at the same speed as 1.2.x and hasn't had a single crash yet on my machine.

The timing in 1.3.1 is more accurate than in 1.2.x, now the sound FX are now correct in games like Full Throttle.

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