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Hello all!

Hey all, just thought I'd do the whole introduction thing, courtasy & all that.

Well, honestly I'm a complete Amiga n00b, I've had a A1200 for a good 10-15 years now, brought new with the Magic Pack, and filed into the cupboard.

Every few years I dig it out, clean it up, power it on and say to myself "Really must do something with this...", then put it back in the cupboard.

Well, this time I've decided, after now pushing towards a bleeding edge i7 gaming rig, that all this modern tech really isn't all that, time to go RETRO!

So, £100 lighter from grabbing myself a Blizzard IV on fleabay, I guess it really is time to do something with the old girl!

So, as I said to start with, I've absolutely no idea what I'm doing, so, I'm going to be asking many, MANY stupid questions so my apologies in advance.

Well, that's me and my Amiga story so far, hope you all bare with me and I'm quite looking forward to going backwards.

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