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Originally Posted by fitzsteve View Post
Current & very insane collection!

A600HD, A603, ACA630/32mb, IndiECS, 4gb CF, CWB OS3.5

A600 (Stock machine)

A4000D, CSMkII +128mb 060 @50mhz+SCSI (SCSI-IDE Bridge), CWB OS3.9, Toccata, PicassoIV RTG, Deneb USB.

A4000 Elbox Tower, Fastlane Z3 + 128mb, Apollo 4060 + 128mb, Deneb USB, X-Surf, CV64/3D+SD, CWB P96

A1200D, Bliz1230+SCSI 196mb, Powerflyer Gold, CWB ADV SP

A1200T, (EZ Z4 Tower) Blizzard PPC/060 330/72mhz, 256mb, FastATA 40gb HDD/DVDRW, OS4.1 Classic/OS3.9, Mediator PCI/Voodoo3/Radeon 9250/SB128/ESS Solo1/SATA PCI/RealTek LAN

CD32 (stock macine) Just for CD32 Games

MicroAmigaOne 800mhz PPC, 512mb in Antec ISK-100

+ lots of spares
I'd love a collection like that. If ever you fancy 2-player sometime, give me a shout
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