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Originally Posted by Captain Hat View Post
Found some old hardware that I think I might be able to sell to raise money. The primary bit that this forum is likely to be interested in is a Commodore-manufactured Amiga 1500, almost completely original (one of the joysticks has been replaced with an aftermarket one but the keyboard, mouse, monitor etc down to the monitor lead and the power lead are pretty much original) with a fairly large stack of software and games. I just have no idea what it's worth.
Ok, I cannot express on the absolute value for the hardware you want to sell, because the first question you will be asked is "what are the physical conditions of the hardware and the software boxes".
You may want to take some time and detail a list of software/hardware, plus shoot some photos for a more precise evaluation.

Or if your time is more valuable than patiently categorizing everything you might want to simply bulk sell everything "as is" simply stating if the hardware seems to be working (computer turns on and such things).

There's a dedicated forum on EAB for selling/buying stuff, the Marketplace. You may want to show up there.

As a rule of thumb the Amiga 1500 is not the most valuable computer you may sell and copied games are worth null.

Hope this helps.
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