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Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
ACA630-25 is not over- or underclocked, but clocked "right at spec".

"underclocking" was only applied to the (very rare) 30MHz version of the card that also came with 64M memory installed. That one used a 33MHz version of the CPU.

It's from a conversation in that thread where AlexH enlightened me that underclocking a higher rated 68030 to 25 MHz is not the same as underclocking a modern CPU, where differently rated CPUs usually imply feature and mask set differences.
Originally Posted by 1time View Post

Dont really know what you are talking about. It price was 40kr "4 euros", and it was really easy to fix it.

My crashes is gone!
My little stubborn posts was due to the fact that I "bought" one of those at, and went to the checkout and saw the total price of 240 kr incl shipping, whatever method I chose.

And also, I hate it when people doubt others' soldering skills without knowing them. I still think new components are preferable, but something stirred in my soul when Jens claimed they were "sub-cent" and an Elfa link followed...and you could have had a working Amiga in 20 minutes and 0 cents
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