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You could use an S-video-to-RGB converter, then connect the output of that to your RGB-to-VGA converter. I'm not sure what use an RGB-to-S-video converter would be though? Unless you meant a VGA-to-S-video converter?

Yes the NES video signal is non-interlaced. The problem as I understood it was that the converter you have, doesn't seem to work correctly with non-interlaced input. All the converters I have tried do work with non-interlaced input, outputting a proper interlaced PAL/NTSC/whatever signal.

One other possibility, though very unlikely... maybe your TV set has a service mode which allows settings like the picture height to be adjusted? You could try googling the model number to see whether a service manual is available for it.

Edit: I just googled RCA TV service mode which gave some interesting results. Your TV may well have a hidden ability to adjust the vertical size, read the first few pages in the Google results.
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