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Originally Posted by Cooljerk View Post
I had considered a TV->VGA->VGA->TV solution but didn't know if it was viable. ANyone have any experience with this?
I don't have any specific experience with that, but it should work fine and should be worth trying. A new video-to-VGA or VGA-to-video converter should cost about US$20 each. Cheaper than the standards converter you already bought at least...

If your TV has a component video (YPrPb) input, you could get a VGA-to-video converter which has component video output for slightly better picture quality.

Originally Posted by Cooljerk View Post
If you could, please check your pal->NTSC converters with an non-interlaced signal for me and, should they work, please tell me the model number.
I tested a Comworld KDV-500 (made by Worldtop Co. Ltd) with PAL and NTSC NES consoles today. It works fine and always outputs an interlaced signal. From memory, the other converters I tried a while ago were both made by Cypress. Models CDM-600 and CDM-660, they also worked fine to give interlaced output.

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