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An outsiders look at WinUAE

I don't know how you feel about it, but sometimes it seems like some people are thinking WinUAE is just developed for the last of the amiga freaks nowadays. There isn't that much of a buzz surrounding a new release of WinUAE, so it's easy to believe that there less and less people interested in still playing those old-farted games on a PC. That was also what I thought, being very glad that Toni still develops for our community (well, he probably would do it for himself only if no one else would be interested in it anymore . But I recently met with some friends for some network fun. And to my surprise they started swapping the amiga emulator and amiga games. They are pure gamers, but no hardcore gamers. Not interested in anything but the popular games. They also don't know what an emulator really does, but at least they know it and like it. They probably would never think of leaving a feedback on a board or via email.
What I want to say with this? I think a whole lot of people are using this emulator but we only see very few of them. Just wanted to post this to encourage Toni
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