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Originally Posted by Zetr0 View Post
actually guys I dont think that a FreeKick solution wouldn't damage Amiga-Forever at all

I suspect that they can be empowered (as much as the rest of the community) by it.

Amiga Forever is a very good legal product that contains a lot of great games and apps - even a workbench that, although can be improved - does provide a great basis for it.
Agreed....I have created quite a few projects in my time for myself and others that enable me to run any amiga stuff i want ...BUT !!

Even i own a Legal Amiga Forever and a C64 Forever and i would Highly recommend everyone here buying one....IMO a genuine Amiga,C64 etc collector/fan should be willing to pay out as well as collecting stuff for free. Its all Amiga support at the end of the day
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