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Originally Posted by mark_k View Post
I do have a couple of PAL<-> NTSC converters here. If I get time I'll try to check them. I don't recall either having problems with non-interlaced input. (I tested them with an NTSC NES console. The video signal output from the converter was interlaced.)

If you were getting a black-and-white picture of the correct size on your TV, I'd suggest getting an analogue video system converter. In addition to being cheaper, that would give much better results. It would basically output an "NTSC 50" signal. But it sounds like that's not an option here.

Some other things you could try:
- Route the CD32 video output through a VCR. If the VCR passes the picture through at all, its output may well be interlaced. You could then connect that to your standards converter.
- Get hold of a cheap USB video capture device (Easycap/EZcap). Connect that to a PC/laptop, and the PC/laptop video output to your TV. Show the CD32 signal on the PC screen. There may be a latency issue here though.
- Get a video-to-VGA converter and a VGA-to-video converter. Both are quite cheap and easily available on eBay and elsewhere. Connect them together and to the CD32, set the VGA-to-video converter to output NTSC and hey presto.

Edit: What type of NTSC TV do you have, CRT or LCD? Does it have an HDMI input?
Heh, i've actually tried most of your suggestions. I tried routing the video through a VCR, and it simply passes it through without interlacing the signal, same problem.

I have a Happauge WinTV-PVR250 and a video card that can output to a TV, but the PVR250 has a hardware based mpeg2 encoder on it which cannot be bypassed. You can tweak the delay (in reality, just decreasing the buffer size) but the smallest delay possible is .5 seconds, which is still way too high for me.

I had considered a TV->VGA->VGA->TV solution but didn't know if it was viable. ANyone have any experience with this?

My TV is an RCA CRT tv in pristine condition. It's perfect for old-school gaming. I'm not sure the model, but it was bought around 2003 and I've kept it in great condition. I'd love to play amiga on it.

If you could, please check your pal->NTSC converters with an non-interlaced signal for me and, should they work, please tell me the model number.
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