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Originally Posted by mark_k View Post
Most games don't output interlaced video. Like most earlier computers and consoles (up to e.g. the PlayStation and Sega Saturn), the usual Amiga output is non-interlaced. It could be your converter has a problem with that. While the CD32 boot animation is interlaced, once a game loads it will most likely switch to non-interlaced.

What happens if you connect your CD32 directly to your NTSC TV -- do you get any picture at all? Do you have another non-interlaced-video computer or console which you can connect to the TV to test (e.g. C64, Nintendo NES, Super NES, Sega Genesis, PlayStation etc. etc.)?

Edit: The Wii output is likely to always be interlaced.
Unfortunately I don't have another non interlaced console to try. When I plug the Amiga in without the converter I get the usual black and white oo-tall image that you get when connecting a pal machine to an NTSC TV.

Can you recommend a pal to NTSC converter that'll play nice with non interlaced pictures?
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