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OK, a bit of experimentation and I don't think the converter is the problem. I have a modded NTSC Wii, and I can force it to output in 50 hz mode from this boot menu I have installed. If I connect the wii to an NTSC tv and boot into 50 hz mode, I get a black and white picture. However, if I connect the converter, then force 50 hz mode, it works as advertised and I am greeted with a full color screen.

This is similar to what happens with the CD32 boot screen - I get full color and everything works. I'm guessing, then, that the converter simply converts the color information? I'm pretty unfamiliar with all this pal->NTSC conversion stuff.

Would booting the CD32 in NTSC mode solve the problem? I don't have an amiga mouse so I can't test, but I'm thinking if I can boot this baby up in NTSC mode, then the converter will work. Anyone want to weigh their opinions?

Please help, this is incredibly frustrating, especially after blowing $200 on the system and importing it.
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