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Pal CD32, trying to use on an NTSC tv

I have a PAL CD32 and I'm trying to get it to work on an NTSC tv. I've read several opinions that buying a multisync monitor is the best solution, but I don't want to go that route - I want to play my CD32 on my normal, plane-jane NTSC tv. I've gone through 2 converters now and blown $150 trying to get this process to work, but each converter has some problem.

The first I bought was this no-name brand chinese adapter which never worked at all in the first place. That was $50 down the drain. Afterwhich, I bought the Orei X100 Multi-System Digital converter from Amazon, at $100. This one sort of works - when I boot the system, the CD32 splash screen comes on, in full color, at the right aspect ratio, on my NTSC screen.

However, as soon as any game boots, it goes dead. The screen freezes and the game continues to run in the background. If I turn off and on the video converter, I get glimpses of the game running underneath, but it seems like, for whatever reason, it just can't handle anything besides the splash screen. Even the Audio CD player, even the game saves manager - they all behave the same way as a normal game - blank, frozen screen from the converter. Literally only the splash screen works.

Best I can tell it's an unsupported resolution problem. I'm stumped. I'm willing to buy another converter, but I don't want to spend another $150 and wind up with more hunks of plastic junk. Anyone have experience with PAL->NTSC conversion? Please point me in the right direction so I don't waste anymore money.
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