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Toni is probably one of the main reasons the Amiga still has a following. Without WinUae i doubt whether the community would be anything like it is now..We definatly owe him that !!
Whilst he is replying to this thread...I did want to ask....
I love commodore's no matter what they are but WinUae is a Development project unlike mine which is simply using existing work and making the c64 easier and more fun for us !!
So once i get the C64-X Launcher site on its own domain and hosting up will add paypal buttons...But... want to link them directly to Winuae if thats ok

So it works something like this ..

Vice does not have a Donate so i cant add one for them but the amiga launcher will be on the site anyway when its finished
Like i said im doing my launchers for fun but Winuae is an official development project so every little helps

BTW...Is it true the ORIGINAL UAE Stood for "Useless Amiga Emulator" then got upgraded to "Ultimate Amiga Emulator" as it actually got better ??
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