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seuden, you're much too demure. Please remove 'demi' from your avatar title

Yes indeed, that would be cool, even though I understand if they have a few ports planned to compensate for the wrapper dev time first, if they did that themselves they deserve to get paid for their time.

After that it would be a nice gesture, not only to devs of any components they use, but to others that are willing and eager to port their fave game (getting permission from game devs, if they care) and therefore also supporting Amiga - to SourceForge it or something.

Knowing myself, I'd probably play Amiga games on nothing but a real Amiga, but I'd love to see a 'Port Bonanza' to every platform known to mankind, of every single Amiga game. Amiga is actually spoiled with emulators on 2345456 platforms already, but tweaked ports can often be made more accurate and fluid.

But I strongly believe it's completely up to 'the guys who did the work' and not a right, just because we love Amiga.
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