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Originally Posted by deicidal View Post
Well seeing as steve has given his insane details I will add a bit more in:

A500 (work in progress) Action Replay 3, A590HD with 2mb,
A1200 - 8mb expansion, 4gb CF HDD
A1200 - aca1230/28, 4gb CF HDD, ks3.1
A2000 (work in progrss) - PC card, Video capture card, scsi card, 4md RAM card
A600 - 2MB SRAM Card, 2GB SD HDD

Just thought i would give you a laugh in comparison to Fitzsteve mighty setups, bit like comparing a micra to a mustang. Sorry I cant remember more of the model numbers of some of the kit.
Still a nice collection mate, keep us updated on the A2000 build

Originally Posted by xpect View Post
Enough to build another towered Amiga!
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