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Originally Posted by FOL View Post
Well I dont agree with his "Exotic FLAKEY OS" comment.
OS4.1 is a great OS (far from flakey, it just needs more developers and Games), .
I think people are still comparing it to OS4.0, 4.1 is basically a whole different improved Amiga OS.

Amigas were going to go PPC anyway, so Im at a lost as to why people moan about PPC.
I think its nuts how people buy macs which are well overpriced and run another "Exotic OS", .
I call it exotic because it's so different and has a very small user and developer base. It tries to be modern but has miles to go and is missing key stuff like complete Java support, OpenGL etc.

And yeah maybe it is nuts to pay €1000 for a Mac and run OS X, but it's strange that someone who's paying €1500 for an X1000 to run Amiga OS 4 would say that. And I don't see what's exotic about OS X. It has tens of millions of users and runs all the big softwares and techs.
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