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Hi Everyone

Having lurked whilst trying to install ClassicWB in Winuae and my recently bought 1200 yesterday (I succeeded in managing both....eventually!) I thought it was time I registered.

I last had an Amiga 1200 (and a 500 before that) back in 1998 before the lure of the PC was too much and I went through a succession of desktop PCs and now eventually a laptop. I was always too much of a fan of the Amiga and despite having PS1, PS2, PS3 and Xbox 360 Slim, I still missed the Amiga.

So, recently a friend sold me his 1200 (packaged away for ten years in the loft) and that's why you're reading this....

I've been impressed with how much knowledge there is on this board and I have a feeling that I'll be counting on it again sooner rather than later.


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