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Originally Posted by Photon View Post
What Leffmann said, and also: didn't know this even existed, and also: stopped reading the googled page after the word PowerPC.

PPC Amiga-likes can be useful for running Amiga stuff (but so is a PC with emu). But we (at least I, don't know about you??) are still holding out for a continuance of real Amiga.
Well I dont agree with his "Exotic FLAKEY OS" comment.
OS4.1 is a great OS (far from flakey, it just needs more developers and Games), .
I think people are still comparing it to OS4.0, 4.1 is basically a whole different improved Amiga OS.

Amigas were going to go PPC anyway, so Im at a lost as to why people moan about PPC.
I think its nuts how people buy macs which are well overpriced and run another "Exotic OS", .
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