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Originally Posted by klapdeur View Post
Hi novacoder

i grabbbed the beta and it works fine i even got monkey island running slow but its working.

but i have a problem also with scummvm 1.2.1 aga 060.

im playing full throttle but im not getting past the destruction derby because bad response of the mouse. if tried it many times now.

oh i have a cyberstorm 060 ppc (ppc is broken) cybervission ppc, and delfina soundcard in a 40000.
Also scummvm crashes alot so i have to save many times playing FT.

my config is

os 3.9 (amikit version) external scandoubler (looks like dce one).
monitor drivers are vgaonly multiscan pal ntsc and cybervissionppc.

I hope that you can make a native rtg scummvm with broken sword support.

its a hell of a great job youve pulled off.

Cool, glad you're enjoying it

Is this new 1.3.1 beta any more stable than the old 1.2.1 release?

I'm not sure why Full Throttle is so slow in the fight scenes as the rest of the game runs at a good speed. I don't think this is a problem with the Amiga code, I think it's an issue with ScummVM itself.

Yep a native RTG version is in the works
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