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Originally posted by Burseg
It clearly says C64G below the case. I don't think the mobo is replaced. I've just opened it, checked but not knowing what to look at, I closed it and put it away again

I am surprised to see that, instead of a metal shielding like amigas have on the motherboard, this C64 has a gray piece of paper. I've accidentally partially torn it mind you. I'm a hardware kill'em all
All C64s have a cardboard shielding inside, instead of a metal one.

Anyway, you have to look closely at the motherboard. It should be smaller than the normal C64 ones. Also, the chips should all have their dates in them and should be pretty new. look for an 8580 SID chip in there, too.

The CPU is different too. An 8502 goes in place of the 6502. This brings a few incompatibilities.
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