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Originally Posted by 1time View Post
In your A1200 timing post you are talking about, "Remove resistors E121R and E122R and replace them with 0805 ferrite beads - something in the range of 60R@100MHz or more" and "Assemble two 22pF capacitors (size 0805) in places E121C and E122C".

Can i use any capacitor from my broken 1D4 motherboard and put it on my working 1D4 to test the timing fix?

If i can, could you please tell me which number i could remove and reuse?
As I said, look in the Schematics and it will tell you which caps are 22pF.
Im sure there are 22pF on the A1200 board, but you would need to look at schematic to see there location number.

EDIT:- Attached to gayle, E112, E113 and E114 are all 22pF.
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