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I came from an old Challenger computer in the 70's that used a tape recorder with plugs that went into the earphone and mic sockets - the thing would print out your program as it loaded, about the same speed as a 300 baud modem, you could see your program glitching before your very eyes.
The c64 tape drive was 'speedy' compared to that.. it's disk driver seemed like lightspeed.
That being said, after going to the Amiga floppy, the C64 drive seemed pedestrian.

The speed of the floppy never annoyed me that much (until I got used to the Hard Drive) - it was the swapping that bugged me when I originally had an A500.

Going back again, I don't think I could use an Ami that didn't have a HD... but that's technology for you, once you get used to the convenience of one thing it's always hard to go back.
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