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Originally Posted by PaulyQ View Post
quick question.. why WinUAE v2.0.0 ??

could it not be even sweeter looking using one of the more recent versions and using a bezel of an amiga monitor?
Ok a quick explanation....The amiga has so many different configs for different games and so many machines that no one has really successfully made an all in one launcher. you have "Gamebase Amiga" and you have "Amiga launcher" for arcade cabinates They both need to installed and setup on every different PC they go on..there is no default to run all games

This launcher works the same as the C64-X Version.....install...point and click
all games will work...on any PC....nothing for you to alter unless you want to.

Why use version 2.0.0 ??

I tried the very latest i found it required runtime updates from microsoft when you tried to launch it ( not a bad thing ) but for what was required to play the games the updates were needless...If you have the updates already on your winuae then great...if you dont then the games and workbench will run perfectly with this version. I did not want users clicking on a game then finding they had to wait to put updates on there machine first.

Whatever game you are playing at any time you can press F12 and configure that one particular game to what.ever preference you want without effecting the others on the launcher

Not sure what you mean about the Bezel thing ? Did you mean the menu or when the game loads and you play ?

Making this work on my pc is easy....but to make it work on thousands of other machine setups out there that i have never seen takes some thought and i really do try to consider everything for everyone.

I use Paintshop....autoplay menu studio....install creator pro

Also Whatever emu i an intergrate to make it Vice was the only one for c64 which also covers plus/4 vic 20/ 128 etc so if one works i kow the others will use the same command line paramiters....Winuae for the amiga ( WINFELLOW COULD NOT BE USED ) so it will pay to get familier with the studio first to know what is possible using command line paramiters.

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