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I've read all the people in this thread talking about the A600. I wondered why they were so cheap on eBay but surely they are better than an A500? I bought an A600 cos I liked the CD32 I got so much and wanted to play games like Settlers that are only on floppy disk(well, original copies anyway).
I think know that maybe it wasn't the best choice for my foray back into disk Amigas, but I didn't want an A500 and A1200s sell for £20 all the way up to £100 on eBay, discluding postage, so I couldn't afford one. And most AGA 1200 games came out on the CD32 anyway, even if they were quite rare (Theme park), whereas some older games never made it to CD32 and don't work on an A1200. I realsie they are boot disks to get the 1200 back to Kickstart 1.3, but at the time I thought I'd never get hold of one, altough I suspect people can make their own.
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