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Bit too rich for my blood! I have a hard enough time squirreling the $$$ away to continue restoring my A2000.

Although I admire the spirit in which they're working to put out the machine, I honestly don't get this white knuckled grip on the ppc platform, nor the aversion to the cheaper (and faster) hardware available today. As has been mentioned even Apple has embraced this (even though they maintain their outrageous pricing in the form of brushed metal cases and other trivial bits n bobs).

You'd think that when launching something new you'd want to try and attract new customers, rather than targetting the quite small number of people with the disposable income to purchase it based on little more than nostalgic branding.

This was the same problem I had with the Sam boards - although I am quite interested in the new OS, and would be quite enthusiastic about sinking my limited free time into tinkering and developing my own software on it, the price locks me out - for a fraction of the price I could put together a system to run a dedicated UAE emulation over top of windows/linux or AROS.

Interested in where it's going? Sure... but I won't be following that trail.
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