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Originally Posted by Cloudane View Post
This 1997 vs. 1984 boot times vid uses an old Macintosh, but definitely rang true when thinking of booting Workbench too!

[ Show youtube player ]
It's a funny video indeed. But that laptop is just crap. I have a ~1.5 year old 13" HP lappie that came with Vista and i used it for 9 months with it, before fresh installing Win 7 last December and i can assure you my laptop booted Vista in less than 30 seconds.

Regarding the topic of this thread coming from a Speccy tape to the A500 floppy i found it a God send thing. 1 minute to load a game instead of 7? Total win. \o/

I still use floppies today on my A500 and i think for the retro feel there is nothing better. But for anything else floppies are just a bit annoying.

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