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Hello and thanks for your reply.

I downloaded the patch and was unsure on how to use it.

I found a version of HDtoolbox with comes with a network driver disk which claims to have support for cf cards. I put that on floppy disk and was going to try that.

I reconnected my cf card to the ide interface and booted the install disk version 2.05 and for some reason this time! It found the harddisk without any modification to the cf.

I am in the process now of formatting the cf under workbench 2.05, I will let you no of my progress.

I find it very funny that the drive is now visible on workbench seems I have done nothing to make this happen.

I have now partitioned the cf card and clicked on prephd icon on the install disk and it's coming up with the type 7 error.

Can some please give me a step by step tutorial on how to do this and links to software I need to install my cf card? Thanks.

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