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I want to try it from USB. I've downloaded Icaros 1.2.2
I've prepared a 16Gb Kingston pendrive:
Jess Coburn:

"Format the thumb drive
1.from a DOS prompt execute: diskpart
2.list disk disk 1 (assuming disk 1 was your thumb drive in the above list disk command)
5.create partition primary partition 1
8.format fs=fat32

Copy the Win2008 install files
1.xcopy d:\*.* /s/e/f e:\ (assumes your dvd is drive D: and your thumb drive is drive E:\, adjust accordingly)

That’s all it took other than verifying the server BIOS was set to boot off of the USB device."

I've done a DVD with the Iso of Icaros. Now I'm copying the contents in my pendrive (resting 6 hours, 23 minutes) Edit (suddenly now it's 3 hours) (Edit now 1 hour). Perhaps I'm downloading an old version, I'm seeing now (will try with updates, but... Will it work?

EDIT: It seems my version is the latest to work with USB ¿?. Sadly the pdf instructions don't open:

(1 hour, 6 minutes to try it...)

EDIT: I will try with Icaros 1.3 the same way. I can go backwards if it doesn't work. I will leave it installing while I sleep...

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