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The "Graffiti emulation" will be just that - an emulation of my first product ever for the Amiga, so it'll be limited to CLUT8.

Since this flickerfixer is still taking it's pixel data from the Lisa output, it does not have direct connection to the chip-bus like Indivision ECS has. Unfortunately, this makes a "framebuffer mode" impossible - we're on the wrong side of the chip for that. I only have five bits of the CPU-bus available on the logic - barely enough to store the status of the GAUD bit in BPLCON0, which activates Graffiti mode.

The biggest problem will be to find bit-combinations in the chip register space that maintain compatibility with existing software. Bypassing the CLUT is easy, and the Graffiti command set still has a few unused "opcodes" if I remember right (haven't looked at that in a while).

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