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Games that need improvements

Ok, first of all, sorry if there is already a similar post but I didn't find it.

In these days I was thinking about some of the "works" around our beloved machine (you know the name, don't you? ),
I'm talking about WHDLoad, WinUAE, Amiga Games Factory, CARE... this means that a lot of people still like playing games, it doesn't make difference how much they are old, they are part of our memory and/or our youth.

But what about if the game is also bad?

Just think to some games that could be better with some little fixes, of course I'm not talking about Rise of the robots, Akira or Last Action Hero (just to mention some titles), you can't do anything for them because they are carp!

Just think how can be a mediocre game like Bionic Commando with a decent scrolling, Final Fight with a improved palette and a background music, Disposeable Hero with less enemies (ok, you get the point).

As we had some previous good example, like Super Street Fighter AGA with graphics fixed and Midnight Resistance with the luminosity improved, or just the chance to use a second fire button for some games that previously you couldn't use.

It could be magic if someone can do a game fixing not only for the loading routine or to remove the protection, but also doing some improvements to transform mediocre games in playable games. Bullsh*ts?

Of course it's just an idea, you can post your thoughts here, maybe with the games you think need improvements!

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