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From my own experience, running about ~200 demos, I found out that many of them have problems, especially the old A500 ones.

I'm not an Amiga coder, but from what I understood its usually related to waits added for faster CPUs.
On my two 68030 machines this resulted in very buggy effects (partially seen, not seen at all or just random junk on the screen, sometimes with flashes) and also slowdowns, especially in vector parts with lots of action in them.
There's also a problem with some effects running too fast & losing sync with the music, compared to their floppy version running on an A500.

I also tried running nearly all available demos on an unaccelerated A600, I figured they should run correctly on their originally intended CPU.
Wrong... it seems like most of the slaves dont detect the CPU so patching is applied on 68000 too, which results in major slowdowns throughout.
I started making lists of all affected demos, but at some point the list became so big that I just gave up and ended up going back to floppies, but thats just me
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