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Originally Posted by mr_a500 View Post
(...oh great, another "Best of" thread.. but wait, this is slightly different)

What do you think are the three greatest (most fun, still playable today) pre-Amiga (1985 or earlier) games that have never been converted/cloned/copied in any form for the Amiga.

Here's my top 3:

1. Montezuma's Revenge (specifically Atari 800 selectable level version without animated title screen) - I just played this game again with the ACE emulator and it is as fun and as playable as the best of the Amiga platform games. It would have been awesome if they made an Amiga version with more screens and levels to explore while still keeping the "feel" (and non-scrolling). I would have bought a copy for sure back in 1990.

2. Rescue on Fractalus (Atari 800 version is best) - This was amazing for its time and would have looked even better on the Amiga. There are lots of 3D shoot-em-ups on the Amiga, but none where you have to land and rescue guys (who could be aliens in disguise!).

3. Blue Max (not to be confused with the Amiga "Blue Max" flight sim) - This could be considered a scrolling shoot-em-up, but it's more fun than most and would have been one of the best on the Amiga.
IIRC Trailblazer for Amiga do have an intro which is basicaly the terrain engine of Rescue On Fractalus, maybe a port was planned... Kamel
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