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Yeah, I was against that too before I thought about what I would put in the expansion port.

Internal turbo cards talking to sidecar expansions (HDD interfaces, cartridges,...) was sometimes a sticky problem even back in the "GVP" days. Perhaps the thing would become expensive if he couldn't put the ram in the Zorro 2 area (putting it there will conflict with most side expansions).

And > 1 card on the CPU socket (bus) will never work

I could see the need for some expansions that don't do any of the functions of the ACA520, but I don't know of any, except cartridges. Cartridges never/rarely work with non-68000 anyway, so you couldn't keep it with a different turbo card either.

Lobotomika, is it the principle you're after or do you have something special in the side port you want to keep?

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