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Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
This flickerfixer leaves significantly more space around the kickstart sockets compared to the old Indivision AGA for A1200, which I'll need for my SATA controller.

We're still far from mass-production - there's a lot of work left to do. However, by re-using large parts of the SD-Ram controller of the old Indivision AGA, I have a known-good building block that I can re-use in Indivision AGA MK2.

Looking great Jens, also love the SATA controller talk

1x SATA and 1xCF-Slot with 32-bit 0-Waitstate access (fastest possible transfer speed on the A1200 motherboard).
So if you just plug a CF card in, will you get the same basic performance as using a real SATA HD connected to the SATA port? I know this new controller is still a long way off still, but do you see this new controller as being much faster than the old IdeFix Express? I'm currently getting about 4.7 Mbs out of my IdeFix Express using a 56Mhz ACA and 16GB solid state HD unit (according to SysInfo at least).
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