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2nd prototype is in production now, scheduled arrival of the board is friday of this week. I dumped the DDR memory idea because DDR memories don't seems to like changing clock frequencies, which I'm using to alter the pixelclock when changing screenmodes.

The attached 3D mockups show the current PCB with it's 32-bit wide SDR Ram. It will deliver the same performance as the initial design (which I dumped) with a 16-bit DDR memory chip. Size also didn't change, so the form factor still fits in A1200 and A4000T.

This flickerfixer leaves significantly more space around the kickstart sockets compared to the old Indivision AGA for A1200, which I'll need for my SATA controller.

We're still far from mass-production - there's a lot of work left to do. However, by re-using large parts of the SD-Ram controller of the old Indivision AGA, I have a known-good building block that I can re-use in Indivision AGA MK2.


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