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Some explanations about the scripts:
- there are 64 aliens split in 16 races (4 aliens for each race)
- there are 64 inhabited planets (1 for each alien)
- variables are 1 bit length (0 or 1)
- UpCom variables are initialized to 0 when the UpCom appears
- UpCom_RandomUnk_ButtonLeftHiddenBchg is a special variable, its value changes every seconds
- there are 16 scripts (1 for each race): every aliens of the same race share the same script
- orange color: conditional instructions
- yellow color: assignment instructions
- white color: conversation (& conditioned) instructions

Some variables meaning:
- UpCom_IsAlien#X: 1=you are talking to the Xth (up to 4) alien of the script race
- #A_RACE_#B_NAME.IsAlive: 0= the alien #A has been disintegrated or destructed with his planet
- #A_RACE_#B_NAME.IsNotDestructed: 0= the alien #A has been blown up with his planet
- #A_RACE_#B_NAME.IsAtWantedPlanet: 1= the alien #A (up to 64) is at his wanted planet
- #A_RACE_#B_NAME.IsThere: 0= the alien #A will not show up in the UpCom (he is hidden)
- <=4PlanetsDestroyed: 1= the player has destructed less than 5 planets

The interpreter:
- when Blood enters a list of symbols, the interpreter executes the script of the race from the beginning
- if a conversation instruction (=sentence) is "accepted", the alien replies with the sentence and the script will execute the remaining instructions when Blood will click on the mouth
- a sentence is accepted depending on its words:
- if no word is underlined the sentence is always accepted
- if words are underlined with light blue (cyan) then the sentence is accepted if the input contains ALL the underlined words (whatever the order of the words)
- if words are underlined with blue, the sentence is accepted if the input contains at least 1 of these underlined words
- if words are underlined with light green, the input must match exactly the sentence
- if a sentence is accepted the next assignment instructions are executed, otherwise they are ignored
- grayed out words are not shown in the reply (those words are only used for matching purpose)
- if all words are grayed out, the reply is empty and the mouth is automatically clicked
- [1x] means the sentence will be said only 1 time (reset when UpCom is initialized)
- [%] means the instruction is randomly ignored
- the interpreter stops when the script reaches the end, waiting for another input

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