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Icon colour prob fix

Originally posted by thomas
These colorless icons emerge when you use OS3.1 to install OS3.9. You need to create an emergency disk first, then boot into 3.9 from the emergency disk and then install OS3.9. This way always the new icon.library is used, the old one is not able to handle colorful icons.
Surely you can just search the CD (RAmiga+F) and look for the highest version of icon.library then copy to libs: .

45,264 bytes
Version 44.543 (select from found list & press RAmiga+N, then click version button)

Seems to be the right one (though my workbench has Version 45.1 which I assume is from a BB2 or 1)

My little script is in BB1 & BB2 BTW RxTD
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