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Making a CD32 CD

I'm not sure if this is the right section for asking this, but I don't have a problem as such, and here seems to be as good as any place for this. If the answer is simple feel free to have a go at me . Anyway, I've tried using the search feature to get my answers but for a start it wont let me search for cd , but I continued trying things I thought would work and I couldn't find what I was looking for. I was inspired to ask this question by Frootloop's 'Legal Game Downloads'. I think it is the very first site on the list that has the full Assassins compilation on it
I can't seem to get it anywhere(the Assassins CD) so:

Is it possible to take the image file of the Assassins compilation and create a CD using my PC's CD Writer that will boot on a CD32? If so is there a program to do this or would I have to use my burning software and set it up to create CD32 compatible CDs? I hope somebody can help me here cos I used to luv the games on that CD, like Knights and Legend of Lothian .
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