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Originally Posted by Paul_s View Post
Have a listen to 'Jon and Vangelis - Private Collection'' too. Some beautiful Yamaha CS-80 on there... 'Horizon' is phenomenal... god I love the CS-80. Such a raw, expressive yummy sounding piece of engineering.

The D50 is a lovely synth too, can't go wrong.... I used to own a JD-800

Now you got me looking for an Oberheim OB-8 (another fave) Oooh and the Roland VP-330, the strings on that thing are insane (Blade Runner anyone?)
Just ordered the Jon and Vangelis, and 'Direct'. I have the CS-80 softsynth - never seen the real thing, but I'm sure the softsynth is like WinUAE compared to a lovely expanded hardware Amiga. Probably more so since Amigas don't have knobs and sliders.

The OB-8 being used by Nik Kershaw is enough to make me want one!
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