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Originally Posted by Djay View Post
Looks pretty good..

How about official pd collections and more serious software?

Or games that have anything more/better than their floppy counterpart?
Don't think there's any serious software ON the CD32.. unless you count colouring books, lack of mouse and keyboard. 95% of the software is shovelware from 1200 with PC recorded midi tracks. I get the most from my cd32 when I stop trying to get it to be an a1200 and just see it as a simple and pure games machine.

The best/serious software is the CD32devkit / CD creation tools. LennonLives did a nice package and instructions.

There's also a WB3.1 CD on the eab file server, really well done...just more nostalgia then useful. Can be a good starting point for further installs though.

What you do get is:
  • Really nostalgic psygnosis demo CD with planetside animation and lemmigs. This one was in all the stores, I love it [ Show youtube player ].
  • Two+ buttons, one for jump!
  • Nice whdload collections (cd200, cd888, team 17 anthology) Check the EAB file server.
  • Really nice WHDload patches (Two+ buttons, this time it really works!)
  • No disk swapping
  • Unlimited free storage (well in amiga terms, cost of a CD)
  • Some extra intro animations on a1200 games, (chaos engine non 3d render is nice)
  • Sound FX won't interrupt music tracks.

I think the only real system exclusive was (not counting PC)
[ Show youtube player ]

Guardian and pinball illusions had some pretty music
[ Show youtube player ]
[ Show youtube player ]

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