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Originally Posted by Mequa View Post
I was wondering if there are plans to include a replacement "Workbench disk" ADF which will boot into Workbook (not enough space for Wanderer on a floppy), but built from free/AROS-68k code, and perhaps including a few very lightweight applications?
Usual answer: too early. Anything can change, startup-sequence probably breaks every few weeks, size of programs can become too big etc..

P.S. Does there exist an open-source build of the "C:LoadWB" executable to launch Workbook under AROS-68k? (Of course this can be copied from an original Workbench disk, but an open-source build for AROS-68k Workbook might be a good idea too).
Very minimal C:LoadWB implemented today.

int main(void)
    struct WorkbenchBase *WorkbenchBase = TaggedOpenLibrary(TAGGEDOPEN_WORKBENCH);
    if (WorkbenchBase) {
    	StartWorkbench(0, NULL);
    	CloseLibrary((struct Library*)WorkbenchBase);
    return 0;

EDIT: Always use -seriallog command line parameter when including winuaelog.txt using AROS ROMs. (Built-in enables it automatically, extrernal ROM images won't)
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